Beautiful 2" Black Metal frame .CNE Bandstand Toronto,Canada.Im always with a wide eye and feel this Abstract encompasses my artistic vision.This piece would be perfect in your home or corporate environment where it will be loved . Artist Statement I am an Artist,I create because this is what I believe I am meant to do. When I am creating I feel a sense of exhilaration and know that this is who I am. The feeling of comfort and enthusiasm is what drives me to challenge my creativity.

The best part of what I do is to create photographs that I am proud of, defining a subject and portraying it to the best of my ability .I believe I have been given the gift of being able to see images and visualize the end result. My eye is constantly searching for images looking for patterns ,textures and how the light is effecting the subject. I visit the subject and admire and respect its beauty, then I dissect it looking at every possible angle to portray it at its best. I fall in love easily with my subjects and have a feeling of attachment and leave with a lonely feeling of detachment. I am happy when I feel I have depicted it at its best, and sad when I have failed and this failure brings me back to the subject and the challenge of creating the image that I set out to do and proud of . I don't always succeed but learn from my failures and my peers. I am euphoric when I am photographing and the sense is heightened when find the right angle of the subject.

I have been creating for over 25 years and through time and my journey had led me to architectural photography and this genre of photography is where I feel at home.  I continue to challenge myself by shooting every day and putting myself out to the world and the constant challenge is what drives me .Thank you Wayne Fisher

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Limited Edition Print

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Artist member since 2018
Wayne Fisher
Thornhill, Ontario
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Wide Eye
  • Photography
  • Photography,Giclée Print Limited Edition 1/10
  • 44" x 60"


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